Okay let’s all acknowledge up front that this is the first time we’ve built IMAGI-NATION{University}; so, if and when things don’t quite go to plan, let’s approach this together with a 50-100 year vision of what we are going to build the foundations of in year one.
We are always drafting and you as the first cohort of students are drafting with us. If anything doesn’t work or make sense completely or you have any burning questions along the way, reach out to a human at

We’re creating this {University} to fast-track the potential of humans like you to organise change and fight for a fairer world. Hope you’ve read Professor Hope’s Diary (especially the course summaries on p.8) on our homepage which lists all the info you need to know before you enrol.
The form below is just to capture your interest, powered by our friends at Salesforce (shout-out to the good humans there) who are the turbo-technology underneath this thing. We’ll send you an email right away with the next steps.

Let’s break the door off its hinges and let the people in.

JMB, Founder & Head of Design


Our Tutorial groups will be organised in unlikely alliances of 5 people, with one representative from each course, and each month, you’ll gather for an hour to support each other through your projects.


In addition to unlocking higher order thinking...